Lawrence Krauss Joins AAI Cover Up

For many years Lawrence Krauss has been a member of the Atheist Alliance International Advisory Council, which is a body that “supports and advises” the AAI Board. He is aware that throughout the period in which he offered the so-called AAI Board his support, those people have been entirely illegitimate. While Lawrence has been very public with his support for those who unlawfully expelled many of the longstanding atheist activists who built AAI, he has never had a single word of public criticism for the corruption that they have since admitted to. In fact, tomorrow the same illegitimate group who have been responsible for all of this wrongdoing will hold an entirely bogus general meeting of AAI, which has been arranged as part of their cover-up. Lawrence Krauss will play a full and active role in this bogus meeting as their “Facilitator”.

Extract from so-called AAI 'Meeting Protocols'
Extract from so-called AAI ‘Meeting Protocols’

The extract illustrated above is taken from the so-called AAI ‘Meeting Protocols’, for their Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) tomorrow. A full copy of that document is available at the bottom of this page.

Where’s The Emergency Motion, Lawrence?

Even under the bogus Bylaws introduced by the current illegitimate Board of AAI, an EGM can only be called if there is a motion that represents “an emergency … critical to the Alliance that cannot reasonably await the next AGM.”. So what is the emergency motion that Lawrence Krauss will act as Facilitator to debate? The extract below describes how the EGM was notified to AAI members:

EGM Notification from Self-Styled AAI President
EGM Notification from Self-Styled AAI President

In referring to “criticism” in the email extract illustrated above, the purported President of AAI is understating the situation significantly. What had been described was that the so-called AAI Board had:

  • unlawfully expelled a majority of the atheist member groups who had built AAI
  • illegitimately added their friends to the voter rolls, even though they had no entitlement to vote
  • took personal control of the bank account from the members and awarded themselves no-tender contracts
  • acted as representatives of AAI for many years without ever receiving a single vote from anyone
  • repeatedly lied about all of this very serious wrongdoing when challenged about it

Despite repeatedly making public statements that all their actions were undertaken strictly according to the Bylaws, AAI recently published a ‘Disclosure Document’ admitting that they had been lying about all of this. A full copy of that document is available at the bottom of this page. The document accepts that despite their public claims to the contrary, they did indeed unlawfully expel atheist groups; they did indeed add illegitimate voters to the rolls; they did indeed transfer control of AAI from the members to themselves; and they also did indeed award themselves no-tender contracts.

This does seem to be something of an emergency. The notification email illustrated above promises that the EGM will “decide what steps should be taken to make amends”. That might be an honourable thing for Lawrence Krauss to be the Facilitator of. Unfortunately, he will be the Facilitator of a cover-up, as there is in fact no motion before the EGM in relation to making any kind of amends whatsoever. In fact, there is no emergency motion of any kind that seeks to deal with this scandal in any way. A full list of the motions for the EGM tomorrow is provided at the bottom of this page. Instead of the promised “making of amends”, there will be motions like the one illustrated below.

Motion to debated by an emergency meeting of all AAI members
Motion to debated by an emergency meeting of all AAI members

Rather than seeking the truth and insisting on accountability for very serious wrongdoing, Lawrence Krauss will be the Facilitator of a debate about whether AAI should send emails as PDF or in plain text. That is, Lawrence will be the Facilitator of a cover-up.

Where Are The Answers, Lawrence?

The promised purpose of the emergency meeting where Lawrence Krauss will be the Facilitator, is described in the notification email as follows:

“Our intention is to clear the air and allow AAI to make a fresh start …”

Stated purpose of the meeting where Lawrence Krauss will act as Facilitator

The planned mechanism to “clear the air” was to allow those responsible for the wrongdoing, to investigate their own wrongdoing. The previous AAI commitment to arrange an independent investigation was reneged upon. Then, when the AAI ‘Disclosure Document’ admitted that their previous denials of wrongdoing were false, they promised to answer all questions about the facts of these matters. Instead, they will be proceeding with the EGM while refusing to answer questions from their own members. This is despite the fact that internal whistleblowers have revealed that their ‘Disclosure Document’ included many new deliberate lies. This is the process that Lawrence Krauss will act as Facilitator for.

The AAI ‘Disclosure Document’ states as follows with respect to their promises of “full disclosure”:

Extract from the AAI 'Disclosure Document'
Extract from the AAI ‘Disclosure Document’

There is an explicit invite to “send questions to the AAI Secretary” about these issues. This is the same AAI Secretary who was responsible for much of the wrongdoing on the AAI Board, but he has in fact refused to answer questions from his own members. Available at the bottom of this page is the full email thread describing the efforts of a current paid-up member of AAI to get answers about the long history of corruption and the lies in the ‘Disclosure Document’. The so-called AAI Board claims in their ‘Disclosure Document’ that they “put a great deal of effort into conducting a thorough review of past actions”, and yet with all of this information now at their fingertips, they are still refusing to provide simple factual details.

  • What is the source of the data for the fake graph published by AAI, which was used to invent a bogus crisis in membership numbers as justification for their anti-democratic actions?
  • Why did the AAI ‘Disclosure Document’ dishonestly quote Michael Nugent three times as supporting the position of the so-called Board, when Michael had previously explained that his quotation was referring to something else entirely?
  • Why did the AAI Board refuse to accept the advice from their own Advisory Council that they their claims to legitimacy in their ‘Disclosure Document’ were inadequate?
  • From where did the current so-called Board of AAI derive their democratic mandate to even arrange this EGM in the first place, since they have admitted they’ve spent many years acting on behalf of AAI without election?

Lawrence Krauss has been outspoken on issues of election integrity. He is now the Facilitator of a meeting arranged to deal with the lack of any integrity or democratic legitimacy in the so-called AAI Board that he very publicly “supports and advises”. As the Facilitator, will he seek the same accountability from his own organisation that he demands of others? Will he insist that the organisation he supports should adhere to the same standards he demands elsewhere? Will Lawrence Krauss be the Facilitator of an ongoing cover up, whereby the meeting tomorrow will conclude with the AAI Board still refuse to answer questions?

Where Is The Valid Election, Lawrence?

The central issue of democratic legitimacy for the AAI Board, is that they were never elected in the first instance. For years they pretended to be the democratic representatives of dozens of atheist groups worldwide, including at the United Nations, but this was all a lie. They are self-appointed frauds and charlatans. These are the people that Lawrence Krauss supports, and that Lawrence Krauss is acting as a Facilitator on behalf of. In fact, in their recently published ‘Comments’, the AAI Board admit that the excuses offered in their ‘Disclosure Document’ for never having been elected, were false. A full copy of that ‘Comments’ document is available at the bottom of this page.

The AAI ‘Disclosure Document’ offers two false excuses for the illegitimate actions of the AAI Board in taking over control of the Alliance, without ever being elected:

  1. if they had submitted themselves to a vote among the members, they would have been elected
  2. even if they weren’t elected by the members, they could have been elected by the Board afterwards

These two false excuses are described in the extract from the ‘Disclosure Document’ illustrated below.

Extract from the AAI 'Disclosure Document'
Extract from the AAI ‘Disclosure Document’

Of course, since there was no AAI Board as the Directors had never been elected, it is utterly absurd to suggest that those Directors could have subsequently been elected by the AAI Board. In their ‘Comments’ document the self-styled AAI Board have accepted this reality as follows:

Extract from AAI 'Comments' Document
Extract from AAI ‘Comments’ Document

So the only response from the AAI Board when it is pointed out that they were never elected, is to suggest that they would have been elected if they had submitted themselves as candidates. Perhaps some of these people also believe that they would have been elected as POTUS if they had submitted themselves as candidates. Does that mean that they can now take over the White House? Is this the standard of democratic legitimacy that Lawrence Krauss “supports”? What “advice” exactly does Lawrence Krauss have for those who have engaged in this kind of anti-democratic behaviour?


That these charlatans and frauds spent years falsely pretending to be the elected representatives of dozens of atheist groups worldwide, including at the United Nations, is the biggest scandal in the history of international organised atheism. Lawrence Krauss continued to “support and advise” AAI throughout this entire period. This includes the more recent so-called ‘elections’ when the same people continued to manipulate the electorate, by again illegitimately excluding many many members. Now Lawrence Krauss will be the Facilitator of efforts to cover up this scandal, without even answering the questions of their own members.

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