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  • The AAI EGM, The N-Word, And Worse

    Many people will look at the title of this article and assume it is mere contrived clickbait. The title of this article is not mere contrived clickbait.

  • Lawrence Krauss Facilitates CryFest

    The recent general meeting of AAI was a 4-hour self-pitying whine, where Lawrence Krauss joined the AAI Board in portraying accountability as persecution. Lawrence Krauss failed to provide the due process to others that he has demanded for himself.

  • Lawrence Krauss Joins AAI Cover Up

    Tomorrow, on Sunday 15th January, the illegitimate Board of AAI will arrange a bogus general meeting to ‘clear the air’ after their admissions of very serious wrongdoing. Despite their refusal to answer questions from their own members, Lawrence Krauss will act as their Facilitator in this cover up.