Category: Secular

  • Eoghan Corry Is Very Wrong

    Not alone did Eoghan Corry get almost everything wrong when he reported on national radio about the “Blessing Of The Planes”, he managed to be consistently wrong in the same direction.

  • Fool Me Once …

    The Office of the Information Commissioner has published a series of false conclusions on the same topic, with each subsequent “formal legally binding decision” contradicting the previous one. Since they remain sanguine about these false conclusions, how can their next decision on the topic have any credibility?

  • The Appalling Hypocrisy Of Lawrence Krauss

    A ninety minute lecture has recently been given by Lawrence Krauss, in which he excoriates others for implementing exactly the kind of woke blasphemy policies that he supports in his own organisation.

  • The Stringer Bell Rule

    After Tonoy Emroz Alam realised that AAI were breaking The Stringer Bell Rule, he went on to break The Tonoy Emroz Alam Rule.

  • The Christian Chauvinism Of Leo Varadkar

    Following close on the heels of Micheál Martin’s Christian chauvinism in the Dáil, Leo Varadkar has also discovered that promoting religiosity is a poor approach to international diplomacy.

  • Anatomy Of A Deception

    Atheist Alliance International has recently published an Annual Report that covers both 2022 and 2023. Not for the first time, their publications have been designed to deceive their own members.

  • When Does Newspeak Become Just Lying?

    Even by the standards of the Orwellian doublespeak that has recently become so commonplace, the latest AAI newsletter is just incredible.

  • So You’ve Just Realised Your Nonprofit Is Operating Illegally …

    I do not know August Berkshire. I have no reason to believe that he is anything other than an honest person, who joined the purported AAI Board with the best of intentions. Now that he has publicly accepted what kind of organisation his new colleagues have been running, what next?

  • The Christian Chauvinism Of Micheál Martin

    The comments from Micheál Martin TD in the Dáil following the recent massacre of Jews by Hamas, were based on appalling sectarianism and religious chauvinism. Moreover, Mr Martin has form in this regard.

  • Dear Andrew Skegg …

    The Atheist Foundation of Australia has repeatedly criticised the lack of financial transparency within religious charities. However, their vote has been cast against financial transparency at atheist charities where they remain Affiliate Members.