David Orenstein Resigns From AAI

This week, I have written three separate articles on the recently-published Atheist Alliance International (AAI) ‘Disclosure Document’. A full copy of that document is available at the bottom of this page. Those three articles have described:

Following these revelations within the AAI ‘Disclosure Document’, the list of members on the AAI Advisory Council has now changed to indicate that David Orenstein has resigned. Just a few months ago, the AAI web site had introduced David as their new President. However, David has sent me an email this week to describe his disagreement with how the current Illegitimate Board of AAI are dealing with this incredible scandal. I would like to thank David for his honesty and integrity in stepping away from the AAI Advisory Council. The role of that body is described as providing “support and advice” to the AAI Board. Of course, if David does not support what the AAI Board is doing, then he shouldn’t have his name and photograph appear under a heading that claims he offers this group his support. It is right and proper that David has walked away from AAI in these circumstances, and I very much appreciate his probity in taking this honourable step.

The following is what David wrote to me by email this week:

“As I have put in writing and as I still believe, an outside agency without ANY connection to the current AAI Board, should have conducted the review and investigation into past Board decisions and actions going back to 2018. Such an agency would indeed have done a fair and unbiased investigation ...”

Quote from email written by David Orenstein

Of course David is absolutely correct that the current approach of the Illegitimate AAI Board, to have the wrongdoers investigate the wrongdoing, is totally inadequate. In fact, this is the second internal investigation where those responsible for the most appalling corruption within AAI have been allowed to act as the investigators into their own misdeeds. The result of the current examination of AAI records, arrives at precisely the opposite conclusions to those that the previous examination of the same records found. Both examinations were conducted by the same people and there has been no explanation for the blatant contradictions. In this context, how can anyone have any confidence that the current version of events represents any kind of sufficient ‘disclosure’?

In fact, as I told David by email, I would also go one step further than him and highlight the lack of any meaningful remedies proposed for wrongdoing that does not require an external agency to establish. Notwithstanding the total inadequacy of the present AAI ‘Disclosure Document’, the most glaring issue is the lack of any proposed consequences whatsoever for the most serious misdeeds that have already been established. Without any further investigations, we already have from their own admissions details of appalling corruption over many years. We don’t need an external agency to investigate this. However, the present Illegitimate Board recognises their own illegitimacy in this regard, then simply proposes to carry on regardless.

Even while admitting to the most serious corruption, the current Illegitimate Board of AAI do not believe that there should be any sanctions or remedies at all that seek to address their incredibly harmful wrongdoing. In this context, why would the same people not act in the same corrupt manner again in the future, since the only result arising from such behaviour is a shrug? The suggested next steps as proposed by the current Illegitimate AAI Board can be summarised as follows:

  1. For years, the Illegitimate AAI Board was accused of manipulating votes by adding friendly electors to the voter roll that were not entitled to vote, and at the same time unlawfully expelling affiliate members who were entitled to vote.
  2. For years, the Illegitimate AAI Board vilified all those who described this corruption, including publishing personal attacks against the whistleblowers on their web site.
  3. This week, the Illegitimate AAI Board published a ‘Disclosure Document’ accepting that they had manipulated the electorate for their most consequential votes, in exactly the way that had been alleged. Their previous denials (and the attacks on whistleblowers) remain on their web site.
  4. Having unlawfully created an electorate that consists only of their friends, they now want to deal with this corruption by asking only their friends to vote on what should happen next.

Of course, this is an entirely untenable situation and I am grateful to David Orenstein for walking away from it. A key issue that still persists though, relates to how the remaining members of the AAI Advisory Council can continue to support the current Illegitimate Board.

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