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  • When Does Newspeak Become Just Lying?

    Even by the standards of the Orwellian doublespeak that has recently become so commonplace, the latest AAI newsletter is just incredible.

  • Attorney General Insists AAI False Statements Must Be Corrected

    The purported AAI Board submitted false financial statements to the Attorney General in California, which covered up more than $10,000 in payments to themselves. After a whistleblower complaint, they have been forced to resubmit revised financial reports.

  • AAI Lies To Attorney General

    The Attorney General of California has recently written to the Directors of AAI threatening them with personal liability after their nonprofit status was revoked. As part of an unsuccessful effort to have their nonprofit registration reinstated, AAI lied.

  • AAI Insincerity About Atheists “At Risk”

    After a recent article was published in OnlySky, the author was contacted by AAI with claims that the article was putting a named person “at risk” and causing that person to become “extremely afraid”. AAI insisted that OnlySky must “redact the real name urgently”. It has since been demonstrated that all of this was totally…

  • “You Can Never Forget The Past Unless You Face Up To It”

    The title of this article is taken from a slide that Brian Kernick, as purported President of AAI, presented to their recent EGM. The emergency meeting then proceeded to studiously avoid facing up to very serious AAI wrongdoing. This article summarises the issues that they dodged, which they must be accountable for.

  • Lawrence Krauss Facilitates CryFest

    The recent general meeting of AAI was a 4-hour self-pitying whine, where Lawrence Krauss joined the AAI Board in portraying accountability as persecution. Lawrence Krauss failed to provide the due process to others that he has demanded for himself.

  • Lawrence Krauss Joins AAI Cover Up

    Tomorrow, on Sunday 15th January, the illegitimate Board of AAI will arrange a bogus general meeting to ‘clear the air’ after their admissions of very serious wrongdoing. Despite their refusal to answer questions from their own members, Lawrence Krauss will act as their Facilitator in this cover up.

  • Professional Governance Consultant Considers AAI Issues

    Dr Meredith Doig is a professional company director and governance consultant. She has recently turned her attention to the very serious governance transgressions at AAI.

  • AAI Attacks Kevin Sheehan With False Allegations

    Kevin Sheehan is a longstanding atheist campaigner, who has not sought the limelight but rather devoted countless hours to effective secular activism. AAI has published damaging lies about Kevin in an effort to excuse their own wrongdoing.

  • AAI To Revise Their Dishonest ‘Disclosure Document’

    Following requests from some of their affiliate member groups, Atheist Alliance International has now accepted that the deliberate and calculated lies in their ‘Disclosure Document’ must be revised.