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  • Dear Andrew Skegg …

    The Atheist Foundation of Australia has repeatedly criticised the lack of financial transparency within religious charities. However, their vote has been cast against financial transparency at atheist charities where they remain Affiliate Members.

  • An Apology to John Richards

    I recently made some statements about John Richards in good faith, which later proved to be inaccurate. I am keen to correct the record and apologise to John Richards without caveat or qualification.

  • Attorney General Insists AAI False Statements Must Be Corrected

    The purported AAI Board submitted false financial statements to the Attorney General in California, which covered up more than $10,000 in payments to themselves. After a whistleblower complaint, they have been forced to resubmit revised financial reports.

  • Krauss Played For A Fool By AAI Board

    As a result of financial wrongdoing, legal restrictions have now been placed on the AAI Board that make it unlawful for them to engage in charitable activity. Nevertheless, they have convinced Lawrence Krauss to argue that they shouldn’t answer questions about their financial wrongdoing, because they are so busy with their charitable activity.

  • AAI Lies To Attorney General

    The Attorney General of California has recently written to the Directors of AAI threatening them with personal liability after their nonprofit status was revoked. As part of an unsuccessful effort to have their nonprofit registration reinstated, AAI lied.

  • Is Sensitive Data Safe At AAI?

    If you were in touch with a vulnerable apostate who believed they might be at risk if their loss of faith became known, you might consider recommending that they send their details to Atheist Alliance International. However, you should really read this article before doing so.

  • AAI Insincerity About Atheists “At Risk”

    After a recent article was published in OnlySky, the author was contacted by AAI with claims that the article was putting a named person “at risk” and causing that person to become “extremely afraid”. AAI insisted that OnlySky must “redact the real name urgently”. It has since been demonstrated that all of this was totally…

  • “You Can Never Forget The Past Unless You Face Up To It”

    The title of this article is taken from a slide that Brian Kernick, as purported President of AAI, presented to their recent EGM. The emergency meeting then proceeded to studiously avoid facing up to very serious AAI wrongdoing. This article summarises the issues that they dodged, which they must be accountable for.

  • The AAI EGM, The N-Word, And Worse

    Many people will look at the title of this article and assume it is mere contrived clickbait. The title of this article is not mere contrived clickbait.

  • Lawrence Krauss Facilitates CryFest

    The recent general meeting of AAI was a 4-hour self-pitying whine, where Lawrence Krauss joined the AAI Board in portraying accountability as persecution. Lawrence Krauss failed to provide the due process to others that he has demanded for himself.