Tag: Military Chaplains

  • The Christian Chauvinism Of Micheál Martin

    The comments from Micheál Martin TD in the Dáil following the recent massacre of Jews by Hamas, were based on appalling sectarianism and religious chauvinism. Moreover, Mr Martin has form in this regard.

  • Department Of Defence Rapid Reactions

    I have received some correspondence from Micheál Martin TD as Minster for Defence. If the EU Rapid Reaction Force is relying on his “standard operating procedures”, they needn’t expect anything to happen rapidly.

  • Defence Forces Chaplaincy Review Board

    Today I had a very interesting and useful meeting with the Irish Defence Forces Chaplaincy Review Board. I spoke with Lt Col Padraig Brennan and several of his colleagues on the Board, providing an atheist perspective into the review process.

  • Successful Litigation Against Minister For Defence

    After applying to become a Military Chaplain, I litigated a case against Simon Coveney as Minister for Defence, under the terms of the Employment Equality Act. A recent decision in the case has found that I was subject to unlawful religious discrimination because I am an atheist.