Tag: FoI

  • Fool Me Once …

    The Office of the Information Commissioner has published a series of false conclusions on the same topic, with each subsequent “formal legally binding decision” contradicting the previous one. Since they remain sanguine about these false conclusions, how can their next decision on the topic have any credibility?

  • An Appeal To The Information Commissioner

    The Department of Education has excluded some documents from their response to my Freedom of Information request, on the grounds that the documents were provided on the understanding of confidentiality. These records were provided by the Roman Catholic Church in the context of seeking State-funded supports for their training courses in faith formation, to be…

  • FoI Is Neither Free Nor Informative

    Public bodies often provide untruthful responses to Freedom of Information requests, and the Office of the Information Commissioner often doesn’t care.

  • Excessive FoI Fees

    Public bodies frequently seek excessive fees for FoI requests. This case demonstrates how such obstacles can often be relatively easily challenged.