Tag: Defence Force Regulations

  • Department Of Defence Rapid Reactions

    I have received some correspondence from Miche├íl Martin TD as Minster for Defence. If the EU Rapid Reaction Force is relying on his “standard operating procedures”, they needn’t expect anything to happen rapidly.

  • Defence Forces Chaplaincy Review Board

    Today I had a very interesting and useful meeting with the Irish Defence Forces Chaplaincy Review Board. I spoke with Lt Col Padraig Brennan and several of his colleagues on the Board, providing an atheist perspective into the review process.

  • Successful Litigation Against Minister For Defence

    After applying to become a Military Chaplain, I litigated a case against Simon Coveney as Minister for Defence, under the terms of the Employment Equality Act. A recent decision in the case has found that I was subject to unlawful religious discrimination because I am an atheist.