Category: Science

  • Is Mind-Body Dualism Necessarily Supernatural?

    When it is suggested that trans people are ‘born in the wrong body’, this implies to me that they must have some kind of supernatural spirit or soul. I have now been admonished otherwise.

  • A Betrayal Of Gay Rights

    Some who consider themselves rationalist and progressive, are so keen to promote supernatural ideas like being born in the wrong body, that they will sacrifice gay rights to do so.

  • When Cults Fail

    Many people (including me) have described some responses to the Cass Report as being “cult-like”. Is this really a stretch?

  • The Ethics Of Writing Blog Articles

    I have received complaints about how I am handling complaints from someone who is “actually a proper scientist”, no less.

  • What Does An 11 Year-Old Fully Understand?

    A self-declared anonymous expert in “advanced developmental psychology”, has contacted me to disagree with several things I’ve written on the transgender issue.

  • After Cass, The Dishonest Backtracking Begins

    As many people have expected, now that the final Cass Report has described the toxic environment that allowed an appalling medical scandal to persist, those who created that environment have begun efforts to dishonestly rewrite history.

  • A Predictable Response To The Cass Review

    The Backfire Effect describes a psychological phenomenon whereby incontrovertible evidence against their position actually causes ideologues and cultists to double down on their delusions, rather than re-evaluate their views.

  • Delay In Implementing Cass Recommendations

    The deranged cultists who refused to believe the facts and evidence included in the interim Cass Report, will not be convinced by the latest reporting. However, at least it is useful to note who rushed to join the demented online mobs screaming “transphobe” at those who recognised reality.

  • What Does The Interim Cass Report Actually Say?

    I have recently been accused of publishing false and misleading information about the Cass Report. In response, it is useful to provide some direct quotes from the document itself, a summary of the mainstream reporting about the findings, and details from the NHS announcement that followed the publication of the report.

  • Is It Wrong To Sterilise Gay Children?

    When discussing the prescription of puberty blockers to 11 year-olds, I had thought that there was dispute about whether or not these drugs can cause sterilisation. I was surprised that some people agreed on this point, but remain perfectly sanguine about the unnecessary sterilisation of gay children.