Category: Science

  • What Does The Interim Cass Report Actually Say?

    I have recently been accused of publishing false and misleading information about the Cass Report. In response, it is useful to provide some direct quotes from the document itself, a summary of the mainstream reporting about the findings, and details from the NHS announcement that followed the publication of the report.

  • Is It Wrong To Sterilise Gay Children?

    When discussing the prescription of puberty blockers to 11 year-olds, I had thought that there was dispute about whether or not these drugs can cause sterilisation. I was surprised that some people agreed on this point, but remain perfectly sanguine about the unnecessary sterilisation of gay children.

  • How Suggestible Are 11 Year-Olds?

    If a distressed 11 year-old child reports that they are “trans”, should this be considered a reliable basis on which to prescribe life-altering medical interventions? I think not, but others disagree in interesting ways.

  • Is There Settled Science On Gender Dysphoria?

    I was pretty amazed at the reaction to a Steve McRae tweet recently. Pointing to where science can offer high levels of certainty and where more research is required, is not bigotry.

  • Criticism From The Dualists

    Recently I wrote an article that described why some commentary within the transgender debate implied Cartesian Dualism. I argued that dualism is wrong, but I have received some criticism of that article from dualists.

  • “Living Your Life As Your True Gender”

    To “live your life as your true gender” implies that the “you” referred to here is somehow ethereal and distinct from your physical body. This is synonymous with Cartesian Dualism, which is demonstrably false.

  • I Am Now In A Venn Diagram

    I can’t recall anyone ever before constructing a Venn Diagram that included me personally, but that changed yesterday. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very coherent diagram.

  • Eating With The Enemy: How The Sausage Was Made

    Tonight at 10:00pm on Virgin Media, I will appear on an Irish television show called Eating With The Enemy. This is my memory of how the social experiment was put together behind the scenes.

  • The Turing £50 Note

    An explanation of the design on the Alan Turing £50 note and why I seem to have been the first person to describe the details.